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 Mountaineering, climbing and hiking

E.O.O.A is today a sports federation answering to, controlled and subsidised by the General Secretariat for Sports. It represents mountaineering and climbing, competition climbing and ski mountaineering in Hellas and overseas. As a secondary body, it supervises 89 associations with over 16.000 members throughout the country. As most Greeks are not great mountaineers, climbers and walkers, footpaths are not very well marked.

Paths in the Karystos countryside
KalderimEvia is a walker's delight, with old stone paths connecting quaint villages tucked away on the slopes of the mountains. We visit Roman quarries and aqueducts, Byzantine churches and Frankish castles and end the days swimming and snorkelling at deserted beaches and coves. All walks are between three and five hours and are generally easy to moderate.

The Dimosari stream furrows through a lush green gorge in the heart of Mount Ochi. This is one of the most beautiful excursions in Euboea that you can take on foot.Dimosari-canyon It starts on the spring from the Dimosari river, near the peak Giouda (1386 m), in the heart of Ohe, and ends perhaps about 10 kilometres (Five hour walk along a down hill footpath and sand road (one way) on Arhampolis Gorge, on the wilderness coastline of Cavo Doro.

The Peaks of Mount Ochi
The southern tip of Euboea forms a cape with distinctive features. By the sea, near the sheltered bay of Karistos, rises Mount Ochi, a peculiar mountain massif that defines the morphology of the surrounding area. Mount Ochi is so imposing that the ancients believed it to be the largest and most sacred on the island.

The Dragon houses are stone building from the primeval time,Dragon houses from Styra they be composed of partially from colossal stone slabs. Travelling hours: from Old Styra perhaps 3,5 hours (there and back). The Acropolis from Styra lies on the top of the peak St. Nicholas, above from Old Styra. 1 hours of middle heavy walking tour from the dragon houses.

The ‘house of the dragon’ is hidden beneath the highest peak of Mount Ochi. Remote and difficult to access, the Drakospito of Ochi blends in harmoniously with the rocky desert that surrounds it. Over time, lichen has covered its stone blocks and made it one with the environment. This ancient orthogonal structure (4.85 x 9.80m) is constructed of enormous stone blocks with no mortar. The entrance is along the length of the structure, as opposed to most ancient temples whose entrances are along the width. The walls are so thick that you are tempted to imagine a superhuman race placing giant stones in successive layers over one another with masterful skill. The roof construction is distinctive - the so-called ‘ecphoric’. The roof slabs fit into each other internally and form a structure resembling an overturned boat.

free rock climbing
paradiese of the climerThe most beautiful stretch about reefs and beaches are the coast from Aegean Pelagos on the eastside from Evia. Trough wooded inclination at the Dirfis, you come to the beaches from Chiliadou. Here is the area from the rock climber. The considerable boulder on the two main beaches measure more then 20 meters, along a hole on the second beach in the nor, who start two extremely difficult route. This countryside are worth a trip. The sandy bay here, the deep blue there, are most popular and run over on the weekend in July and August.

Mounteneering on the top of the Dirfisshelter of Hellenic Mounteneering Club of Chalkis 1.743 m. From Steni about 5.50 hours to the peak, 3.30 hour about the refuge of the "Hellenic Mounteneering Club of Chalkis".
Halkida Alpine Club
Angeli Gyviou 22
341 33 HALKIDA - Tel.: 22210-25230


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